Data Beats Emotions

Slimstat transforms your most complex data into actionable insights
to help you find answers fast—and make decisions even faster—with live data
that connects you directly to the pulse of your business

Lightning Speed

Our optimized codebase delivers great performance and scalability. Because we believe that one size doesn’t always fit all.

Community Driven

Trusted by more than 100,000 websites all over the world for twelve years and counting. That’s a lot of exciting love!

Amazing Interface

We strive to help our users accomplish their tasks as simply and efficiently as possible. Don’t stop nagging us!

Bold Security

As the WordPress community expands, everyone shares the responsibility of securing and defending the open web.

Outstanding Features

Reports, filters, cache-friendly tracker, live world maps and much more

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Flexible Pricing

Our extensions suit every website need


Our add-ons will enhance your Slimstat environment by enabling features like exporting your data to Excel, connecting to the MaxMind geolocation service, giving you in-depth data on what your registered users do on your website and much more. Affordable software for small bloggers and big Fortune 500 companies alike!



Get our most popular add-ons at a discounted price: for just $70 you will receive a total of $125 worth of premium extensions. A small token of appreciation from our team to you for supporting our work. Please keep in mind that with this bundled license, you can use these add-ons on an unlimited number of sites that you manage. No strings attached.



Would you like to save even more? With this package, for just $125 you receive $350 worth of add-ons! It’s like getting an instantaneous 70% discount without having to wonder if that is a price mistake (don’t worry, we’ve been there too). So, go ahead and unleash the full power of Slimstat to enhance your business goals on all your web properties.


Our Customers Love Us

Don’t just take our word for it, read it from them

I contacted Slimstat support – which was quite simple, since the link was right there on the same page I was having an issue with! I got an answer in less than 24 hours. My inexperience with the plugin caused me another issue, and I wrote to them yet again, and promptly received another response which solved my problem. All of that in less than 2 full days.


Had it for a few months now, it’s very good, easy to use. Support is quick and helpful too. Very impressive for a free plugin.


I’ve been using SlimStats for a few weeks and am delving deeper into the wealth of information. It is an outstanding resource for any administrator. Thank you.

Peter Hall

This is by far the most accurate and in-depth tracking plugin I’ve encountered for WordPress!


I have been relying on SlimStat to not only track all traffic to my sites accurately but also to present the stats in very useful graphic format.


Thanks you for such an excellent plugin. I am using it to kick Jetpack out of all the wordpress installations that I manage for myself and others.


I like Slimstat very much and so I decided to use it instead of Piwik.