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Track returning customers and registered users, monitor Javascript events, detect intrusions, analyze email campaigns. Thousands of WordPress sites are already using it.


Is yours one of them?


Get a detailed live stream of visits as they happen. Apply filters to see data and information for a specific user, session, browser or screen resolution.


Tailor your reports to your exact needs with our free and premium add-ons. Or build your own, using the many hooks and filters we made available for you.


Minimum impact on your website’s performance, thanks to our highly optimized table structure. It takes just 10 Mb to store 10,000 records. Amazing.

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Love that I'm able to track IP addresses and what they do on my site. It's helped tremendously for security reasons, and for figuring out strategies for content placement on my site. Also, love that you guys offer fast support for its users! Thank you!
I've used this plugin for several years, and it is quite simply the best stats plugin for people who aren't SEO practitioners. Sure, Google Analytics shows more information, but in my nearly 20 years of web dev experience that isn't what 99% of clients want. They just want the main details shown in a pleasant way in the WordPress backend. Slimstat provides that.
This plugin is excellent. It works well and has a very nice looking interface that makes it easy to review the data collected. Support team is active; the plugin author does what he can to help people out even though the plugin is completely free. (From what I've seen the plugin author spends time answering support questions daily.) Thanks for all the hard work!
I use this plugin on several of my sites, and I'm highly impressed by the functionality of the plugin and the accuracy of the reporting. Yes, there are occasionally bugs in the upgrades (if you know anything about software development, you know this happens), but service is also amazing with quick responses to all issues and questions.
Jon Anderson
SlimStat provides all the data of the expensive paid plugins at no cost. There are some other free stat plugins out there (including the bandwidth consuming Jetpack), but none that I know of come close to SlimStat's capabilities. This is a professional level plugin that the developers could easily charge f
Great user friendly reports and filtering options. Excludes spammers, bots and crawlers. Highly recommended!
This plugin not only comes in handy for seeing where our audience is going, but also helps tremendously with marketing as we can see exactly what they are looking for, what they are looking at, and a million other useful details. I highly recommend it!
I wanted to move away from Analytics, as I wanted to remove all third party cookies in my self hosted WordPress. Slimstat allows me to do so, and it is also much easier to use and understand. A very neat plugin, excellent!
I've tried Piwik, but it was so brutally slow for me that I needed to fall back to third party analytics until I found this little jewel. Nice, structured, full fledged analytics for small sites, with good enough accuracy and since it's totally self-hosted, privacy is not at risk for visitors either.
When we switched our system from self-made to WordPress, we searched for a good statistic plugin which was easy to use and - very important - updated quite frequently (there are so many out-dated plugins out there). We decided to use Slimstat because the support seemed to be fast (from what we saw in the forum), the updates are frequent and the plugin itself is nice and easy to use. Slimstat works as expected and when we needed some support, we got an answer and a solution as fast as lighting. Thanks for that!

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